How Some Artists Use Free Downloads to Sell Their Music

It might sound a little counter-intuitive but it actually turns out that many artists are able to sell more of their music when they use free downloads in a system of building a relationship with potential fans.

We are in a time of fast changes, especially when it comes to the music industry. In order to survive, innovation and adaptability are needed. That is what the Tune Pipe system offers.

Developed by fellow musician turned online marketing specialist John Oszajca, the system has helped many musicians build a strong fan base and sell their music in a market where people keep complaining that people are not buying songs anymore.

The key to the system is a funnel which basically gives potential supporters something for free in order to start building a relationship with them. Through the nurturing of this bond, you will find that people are more than willing to help support your career and whatever ventures you are embarking upon.

Of course, this isn’t a magic bullet and it won’t work for everybody. However, if you have at least an album’s worth of music and are struggling to get sales, this might be worth a try. Here are some of the things that the system offers;

  • Website template to automate free download offer
  • Setting up an automated email system.
  • Understanding how to get free traffic to your site

If you’re ready to join the many other artists out there finding success in using this system to sell their music, check out Tune Pipe today!



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