10 Things You Should Know About How to Release Your Own Music

Have you been wondering what it could take to release your own music? So many people get confused about things to do when they are about embarking on this same musical journey.
To make things easy for you, this article will explain ten important things you should know when you want to release your own music:

1) Every Song Should Be Your Best Work

Always work extraordinarily on every song. Treat every song as if it will be a single to be released. If you wouldn’t be proud to show your song to anyone, do not include it on your album. You have to become a brutal critic of your music if you don’t have someone close to you who will do that for you.

2) There Is a Formula For Release Dates

You may think that major labels release their music whenever they please, but it will shock you that they don’t. Before every artist’s music gets released, there is always a lot of research and planning that goes into the timing.
While you plan to release your own music, you must consider the time needed to mix and master it, and how long you need to promote it and get it out to bloggers and magazines. After doing these, you can then schedule your release day accordingly.

3) Network – Network – Network (Do it wisely)

Create awareness; let people know about your existence. However, while you take to the internet to make your presence known, do not overdo things. You want people to have a positive notion about you, and like you.
Create social media handles, start a website, and create a Facebook fan page if you don’t have one. While you reach out to people on your social accounts, be humble and try to let people get to know the real you. Don’t just overload them with promotional material.

4) Choose a Distributor to help release your own music

You will need to get your music out to all the digital retailers which means you will need to position yourself with a distributor that serves all your needs. There are a few things you will need to consider when choosing a distributor which we discuss here

5) Be Consistent

Once you start taking steps to record and release your own music, keep going. So many musicians have come and gone without making an impact; this is because they often promote their first singles and then go MIA. There are many reasons for this but that’s why resilience will be a vital quality for you to have.
Although you will get help from your fans, you need to be the one directing how your music promotion goes. Keep your social handles up-to-date with upcoming news, share the news, and then continue to share your latest news.

6) Be Confident

It takes that courageous part of you to release your own music. At times, your genre of music isn’t what everyone is into in your area, and it may be cumbersome to find local artists to do shows with. However, if you do what you’re good at and do it well, you will find that the fans will be attracted to you. Whatever happens, do your own thing.

7) There’s Not ONE Right Way to Get Things Done

There are so many reasons not to do it, but there is definitely not a single right way to release your own music independently. When doing your music release alone, there are several services, products, and methods to choose from. Identify your goals, consider your budget, and what is achievable at this point in your career.

8) Know When to Stop Asking For Advice

You will definitely have people (like some friends and family members) who get to listen to your music before you release them, and at times, you may get feedback regarding how you could make a song “sound even better.” This could lead to an ongoing cycle of reviewing and altering your songs to no end. At some point, you have to make the final decision. After all, your music is an extension of you so you should be the one who decides what the fans receive. You have to realise that your appreciation for your music comes before anyone else’s opinions.

9) Save Up: There Will Always Be Unforeseen Expenses

This is a good rule to follow in life in general but will apply when you release your own music. Unforeseen expenses will always come knocking, no matter how well you plan. While you work towards releasing your own album, always set some money aside for implementing last-minute ideas, extra rehearsals, PR, etc.

10) Patience and Appreciation

Learn always to be patient with yourself and the people you are working with. With patience, everything will work just right. Also, appreciate the effort everyone puts to help in the actualisation of your goal. Keep your team motivated, and they will put in their best to work for you.


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