Five Places You Can Play Lottery For Free

Five Places You Can Play Lottery For Free

We thought we’d share these opportunities to play lottery for free as diversifying your income streams is important

Don’t worry, we are still focused on music and helping independent artists attain sustainable careers, but this is something that we do, so we thought we’d share it. We do play the lottery for free whenever we can. We have had a couple winners so far in fairness, although they were not amounts to write home about.

In any case, these opportunities require so little effort that it’s a case of you might as well. We’re not saying this should be seen by any means to be a reliable source of income, but if you win, it’s a nice feeling! (And it could make a difference to your bank balance)

Here are the five opportunities to play lottery for free;

This one is pretty cool. You basically sign up with your post code, and every day there’s a draw where you can win £300! All you have to do is check the site everyday to see if your postcode appears. The site keeps growing and growing and so does the prize pot. You can join here.

From the same people that did Free Postcode Lottery, this one is pretty much the same procedure. You pick a set of emojis and check the site everyday to see if your selection is the winner. Prize is not as big but it’s free.

This one probably requires the most effort of them all. You basically have to use their search engine to do your searches instead of Google. If you do 20 searches in a week, you get a free lottery ticket. You can choose a ticket for the UK Lotto or for the Euro Millions. Sign up here

This one is a one time deal. When you sign up with them they give you a free ticket. When we joined, it was a ticket to the Powerball but they do several different lotteries so it could be different now. You can join here.

This is another daily offer. This time it’s just a case of visiting the site and clicking on a link to enter the draw. You get the chance to win a free Lottery scratch card which can lead to some decent jackpots. We have actually won a scratch cad here but didn’t win any cash. Still we play on.

Do you know of any other simple opportunities to earn some extra cash or play lottery for free?



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