Smile – Leon Timbo

I’m not sure why I keep hearing tales of R’n’B being dead or no more real R’n’B artists are making music anymore. I guess people are not looking in the right places. You can’t listen to Smile by Leon Timbo and not feel that overwhelming urge to…well, you know! Beautiful in all the right ways; lyrics, melody, delivery…so glad I discovered this one.

About Leon Timbo

He lifts his voice and something just like magic happens.  His first note.  The enchantment.  Your heart opens.  Then you smile.  Leon Timbo delivers everything you need in music. You listen and you know its genuine.  Raw, jagged, unrefined soul laced with pure, silky, captivating vocals.  He delivers transparency.  With every emotionally enriched, love-centric tune, his transparency forces us to also be transparent



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