The Xube is a collective of music and business enthusiasts coming together to help independent artists navigate their way to sustainable careers in the music industry.

Success looks different for everybody. Some people want to top the charts, some want to have sold out tours, while others are just happy to be in the studio all the recording music. Whatever your idea of success is, we here at The Xube know that at the heart of it, we are just looking to have that freedom to spend as much time as possible getting better at doing the thing we enjoy the most.

We are aware first hand of all the changes that are occurring in the music business these days and know that one of the key qualities to success for anyone in this modern world is adaptability. here at The Xube we believe you always have to be at the forefront of the new opportunities to promote and exploit your music as well as looking for creative ways to earn money from your music.

Path to Success

It’s always been a challenging transition for any creative person to wear the sales/marketing hat when it comes to their creative output but it will be necessary in some capacity if you are serious about success. The Xube will try as much as possible to research services and opportunities that are available for independent artists and musicians and make recommendations for our community of success seekers.

It might also be necessary from time to time for you to look outside of the music industry to find opportunities to earn money to support your career and that  is also something we here at The Xube will be recommending for our community.

Please don’t be shy. Hit us up with any questions you have about any aspect of the music industry and we will do what we can to help and advise you along your journey. One of the worst things you can do is try to make it on your own especially when there’s a great team of people here willing to help you along.

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