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Review Feature FMFeature.FM was set up to give artists a better way to promote their music. After working with thousands of artists since their launch, the company noticed that many artists still have little to no marketing budget to promote their songs.

This made them keen to provide a solution to these artists as well. They realised that at the end of the day, the money for music needs to come from fans. In a world that every song is at your fingertips, fans now choose to support and pay for the music they love in new ways. We decided to create something that fits the way consumers behave.

Have you used this service? Leave a Feature FM review today and please let the rest of The Xube community know what you thought of the experience. Remember to be honest. The best way we can help each other is to be brutally honest about your experience with this service.


1 thought on “Review Feature FM at The Xube”

  1. FeatureFm is a great promo/marketing tool it uses targeted strategies to make sure you get the most from your release I’ve had the ability to expand my reach to the masses with ease with their user friendly website all serious artist need exposure why not try featurefm as it’s worked great for me and I will continue use of it’s dynamic promo


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