As any good marketer will tell you, marketing is a job that is never finished. Music promotion online is no different.

In order to see any good results from your marketing efforts, you have to be consistent and resilient with your album and music promotion online. It’s not just about shouting about an album when it is complete but it is also about building and maintaining relationships with your supporters overtime as well.

Once that album is ready though, then it’s time to kick your music promotion online into another gear and here are 10 things that you can do to hopefully help you achieve some results.

1. Create a landing page for your album on your website.

You want it to be a nice and easy URL like and the page should just focus on the album. Make it look slick and engaging and think about offering people a couple tracks for free in exchange for their email address. If you need help with this then feel free to contact us.

2. Consistent branding on social media.

Make sure all your social media channels are displaying the album cover for the forthcoming release. Don’t worry if people get sick of seeing the cover. That’s the sign of good marketing.

3. Do you have a mailing list that you have been building?

Well hopefully you have been keeping in touch with them regularly and no you should be ready to let them know all about your upcoming album release. Think about something special and unique you can offer to people on your mailing list to make them feel valued as subscribers.

4. Online radio stations are waiting to get your music.

Start submitting your music to online radio but make sure you find stations that are appropriate to your genre. Don’t underestimate the reach of online radio when it comes to music promotion.

5. Do you have the instrumentals to your songs?

Nowadays everyone is a musician or at least would like to think they are. This means that they love to sing along to songs they enjoy or even try writing songs to instrumentals that they like. Give them this opportunity and see what rewards come your way.

6. Let people get a glimpse of what you’re doing using Periscope.

It’s all about making that connection with potential fans and allowing them to see the world through your eyes is a great way to do that giving them live commentary on your album creation process.

7. Online billboards.

Is there a blog that you use often and actually suits your style of music? Don’t be afraid to approach them and ask them if they would like to feature your album. If that doesn’t work then asking them for paid placement on their blog would be a sensible next step. That is of course assuming that their blog is getting good, relevant traffic.

8. Remember your email signature?

Yes, it’s funny how people forget how important this tool can be to help deliver a message. All you have to do is include a subtle message promoting the album and now everyone who receives an email from you will be reminded of the release

9. Create special business cards that reflect the release of your album.

Ok so this is not exactly music promotion online but it is a relatively low-cost way to go to get the word out about your album. Business cards are a little more user-friendly than flyers plus the fact that you are using a card to promote your album should make a bigger impression on your audience

10. Create a Pinterest collage that revolves around your album.

Many musicians don’t utilise the power of Pinterest. It’s one of the top 10 social sites in the world and that says a lot. People enjoy visuals and are usually more likely to engage with them. Use this platform to get creative with visuals that you can relate to your business.

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