Your Band Domain Name Could Be As Important As Your Music

You are a brand now and you have to start taking the steps to making that brand an important one in the lives of your fans and this begins with your band domain name

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With all the changes that are happening in the music industry, performing live is fast becoming the best way to make a living from your music and that of course is a positive thing for bands and artists, but one should not overlook the power of the internet and the importance of an online presence and a band domain name when it comes to making a name for yourself.

Fans all over the world are waiting to connect with you so unless you know how to clone yourself, the world wide web is the best way to achieve this. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and the many other social networks do serve a vital purpose but the most important one should be your band domain name.

You are a brand now and should be treating yourself as such which means securing your domain name.


While social networks do serve their purpose, it is important to have your own online presence which can act as a central hub for all your other profiles… , the sun in your solar system if you will.

Brand Credibility

With more and more services popping up it is becoming increasingly easy and more affordable to get online even as an unsigned artist with limited budget and expertise. First things first though, secure the url you want, which should include a free email account.

This means instead of sending emails from Hotmail, Yahoo or Google, you can now send them from which, let’s face it, will add a lot more credibility to your message.

Start Investing In Your Future

Even if you are not yet ready to build a website, it is still worth investing in the domain name now. There are a lot of opportunists out there snapping up .com versions of band names with the hope of selling it back to the artist/band as they get more successful at extortionate rates.

Even if you haven’t recorded a song yet or performed at a gig, secure your name now. It’s a small investment for what could become some major online real estate.

There are often sales and special offers in place at domain name registration companies but you can expect to get a .com domain for around $10 from places like;

Go Daddy

Name Cheap

Time to Get Creative

You are ideally looking to get as a url but of course this may not be possible given how long the internet has been around and how long people have been purchasing domain names. Believe it or not, there are some people out there who just buy up domain names in the hope of selling them in the future for profit.

Particularly if your name is a common one it is unlikely that it will be available as is, so you may have to get creative with a variation of the band domain name. You can add words like music, online or world to your name until you find a domain that is available.

Alternatively, if you are just starting out and haven’t built much branding around your name, change it! This might seem a bit extreme but if you are serious about success, branding can be that important!

Here’s a video from briefly talking about the importance of managing your online presence and getting the most from your band domain name.

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