25 Places to Upload Your Songs for More Music Exposure

Upload Your Songs for More Music Exposure
Downlod More Music Exposure

Next to getting sales, more music exposure for your songs is probably one of the most important things independent artists can get. The opportunity to reach new audiences and connect with people who connect with your music will help you to build a sustainable career. You could just have made what you feel is the greatest song ever if nobody ever hears it, nobody will be able to share in that joy with you.

“You’re music will have no value if no one ever hears it! Upload your songs today”

There are many places online that offer increased exposure to your music for free. Saying that, don’t let the concept of free make you feel like it’s an easy ride. You will need to engage with the communities and actually put some work in to build relations with new fans.

Here are a few benefits more music exposure can bring you;

  • New fans and supporters
  • More sales and downloads of your music
  • New collaborations with other artists
  • A gateway to new markets you were previously unaware of
  • Feedback on your music that could help you improve your sound

We wouldn’t necessarily recommend signing up to all 25 of these resources that we have put together. Unless of course, you plan on spending a vast amount of time online. However, you will find some really great resources here where you can upload your songs for more music exposure.

Take the time to look at all the communities and sign up to two or three to start with and upload your songs too that you think suit your style of music and offer something that you find useful. Enter your details below to get a FREE copy of the book now.


Let us know if you know of any other places in addition to the ones on the guide, that you use to get more music exposure and feel free to share them with The Xube community.


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