Here are a few things you should be thinking about if you want to increase your fanbase online

You are probably at this point banging heads against the wall with frustration at the lack of traction with your music career. As far as you can tell, the music is amazing, you’re gigging a lot so why are people not lining up at your door to buy your music or tickets to your event?

Well ultimately, this all comes down to marketing.

In today’s music business, especially for the independent artist, it’s not about casting a big net in the ocean and hoping to get a big catch, it’s about finding that little pond full of fish eager to jump in your net.

By now you should already have a domain name and a functional website so now it’s time to focus on how to increase your fanbase online;

  1. Define Your Target Market

    You have to know as much as you can about who you are targeting when promoting your music. What are their hobbies, favourite forums, what games do they play? This will help you to cast your net in the right place.

  2. Set the Right Tone

    Depending on the target demographic, you will want to cater the tone of your marketing to their tastes. There’s no point writing street slang if you are targeting your music to a group of teachers for example.

  3. Be Authentic

    Trust us, people are smarter than you give them credit. They will see through any overhyped, blown out of proportion marketing and it will put them off. Be you. Let people get to know and connect with the real you and you will find that they are more likely to support you.

  4. Offer Something for Free

    You should be offering something to potential fans in exchange for their email address. Collecting email addresses is an essential step to increase your fanbase online and building connections that will actually help your career. You should have a sign-up form on your website that links to your mailing list

  5. Keep Track

    It’s important to keep track of what’s working and what isn’t. Monitor your site and the content that people are engaging with the most and adjust your strategy accordingly. You are the captain of your ship. It’s time to make sure your sailing in the right direction.

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Increase Your Fanbase Online


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