Well if you’re in the music industry and haven’t heard about Apple Music, then you’re probably not really in the industry.

While browsing Apple Music, it is clear that they are now paying more attention to the independent music providers. This is evidenced by a link targeting independent artists that are not distributed, to go straight to CD Baby, one of the longest running supporters of indie artists in the music industry, to sign up for distribution. There is also another link below that leads to a full list of other approved providers. Apple, which seems to clearly seems to be making a real effort to support indie music, chose to highlight CD Baby as an onramp.

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It’s not surprising really. Cd Baby is probably the longest running digital distributor for the Independent market. They deliver to a whole host of online retailers and streaming services. They also provide artists with a lot of advice and support.

This definitely does show that Apple is taking the indie music community into consideration. They value them as an important part of the success of their new service in the music industry.

Of course CD Baby will not be favouring one music service over the other.  As CEO Tracy Maddux wrote in Billboard last week, “In a big world, there will be room for many winners.  This is the indie ethos. Remember, there are 6 billion humans on planet earth. Most outside the largest music market in the world who don’t have a credit card on file with iTunes. Apple Music is being launched worldwide, and in places where some of these services haven’t yet launched.”

It’s not clear how long CD Baby’s highlighted status on Apple Music will last or if the other approved providers will all get a chance in the spotlight but as of launch day, Apple has certainly tipped their hat in recognition of this D.I.Y music pioneer. It looks like independent music might become the new major in this ever-changing music industry.



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