Write Chart Topping Songs – 25 Tips for Aspiring Songwriters

Ready to Write Chart Topping Songs?

So you want to be a songwriter? You’re already in the process of writing a hit, but you need a little help putting together your lyrics and sound layering. Maybe you’re already an experienced songwriter who would like to learn more about the business side of things – marketing, networking, and selling your songs.

It doesn’t happen by accident. The ability to write songs that resonate with people is a skill that can be learned and improved upon. This free report reveals 25 secret strategies you can use to start to write chart topping songs today.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered in the book;

  • Copyright

    The complicated world of copyright is broken down so that you can get a full grasp of what you need to know

  • How to license your songs

    Licensing is a great way to earn money from your songs. It can be a source of a steady income to cover your living expenses while you create more music.

  • Song Structure

    Depending on what genre of music you write, there will be a traditional song structure to go with it. Do you know what it is? Is it important to stick to that structure in order to write chart topping songs?

  • Selling a Song

    How do you stand out from all of the talent that is out there in the market today? Get tips on what you can do to get to the right people and build a steady strategy for success.

To sell more records, you need to write catchy songs – the kinds of songs that get stuck in people’s heads and keep them tapping their feet and singing along. This FREE report will give you 25 practical steps you can take to begin to write chart topping songs.






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