Mixing and Mastering Engineer

We are helping Mixing and Mastering Engineers to develop their skills

Mastering engineer
Here at The Xube we are always trying to find ways to make things easier for the independent artist/musician.

We’re now offering mixing and mastering services on a ‘no fee unless you’re happy’ basis. Not only that, YOU get to decide what you pay!


Mixing and mastering engineers costs can get fairly high when you are self-releasing. Many times, you end up having to pay several different engineers before you get the sound you want. We want to help you avoid this headache.


We work with trainee and newly qualified mastering engineers who are more interested in building up their experience rather than money. They are capable of producing some amazing results.

How Does It Work?

Well you send your files using a file transfer service (We Transfer or Send Space are ones we normally use), to us at info@thexube.com and state whether you want mixing or mastering or both mixing and mastering. Include any reference tracks as well if you know what kind of sound you’re looking for and then you just sit back and wait for one of our engineers to deliver your song and if you like it and want to use it, you name the fee.


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