The Fan Experience – How People Discover Music

Do you really understand what music listeners are looking for? Do you know how people discover music nowadays?

Leena Sowumbar is an established expert in digital music business who has worked with Warner, Universal and EMI and creating some big marketing campaigns for acts like the Sugababes, Mary J Blige, Jon Bon Jovi, Beyonce and Take that to name a few.

Leena provides some useful insights into understanding how people connect with music and the importance of understanding their relationship with songs.

Leena also has a book that goes along with this talk. The Fan Experience is a 7 step sequence to fan centred business. It marries old school music business know how with up to date customer experience methods and teaches you how to put the fan firmly in the centre of your business models and understand how people discover music in the modern world.

The Fan ExperienceHow people discover music

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