Still the best way to get exposure and gain more fans; submit music to radio today!

We offer a straightforward music submission service mainly targeting online radio stations. Depending on the genre of your music and whether or not there is a specific geographic location you are targeting, we will put together a campaign to have your song delivered to the number of radio stations you choose.

When we submit music to radio on your behalf, we do it in a professional manner to give you the best chance of getting played but of course, this is not something that can be guaranteed. We mainly offer 3 packages;

  • Submit songs to 10 radio stations
  • Submit songs to 25 radio stations
  • Submit songs to 50 radio stations

If you ready to try and gain some more exposure for your music, then hit the button below to enquire now.

Music press release - the-xube-enquire-now

**Please note that we have to be selective with the music we plug so there is no guarantee that we will be able to service your track**

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