Social media is here to stay and like it or not, when it comes to your career in music, it is essential to have a good music marketing strategy, but it doesn’t have to be a full-time job.

music marketing strategy

Social Oomph is such an amazing service, we don’t know what we’d do without it.
Here Are some of the features of this amazing service

  • Manage Unlimited Number Of Social Accounts

Connect and manage an unlimited number of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk, and accounts.

  • Easily Find Quality Twitter Users To Follow With Keywords That You Define

Enter your keywords and Social Oomph will search for Twitter users who tweet about those topics and present them to you so that you can decide whether you want to follow them or not.

  • Schedule Your Facebook Status Updates

Now you can keep your Facebook status updates fresh by scheduling them to appear on your Facebook account at the dates and times of your choosing. No need to rush or find online access just to log in to Facebook and post a time-sensitive update. Schedule it in our system and we will make sure that it gets on Facebook at the right time.

  • Schedule Your LinkedIn Shares

Keep the shares on your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn Group, and LinkedIn Company Page ticking over with interesting content for your connections. Schedule them in SocialOomph and we will make sure that they are posted to LinkedIn at the date and time of your choosing.

  • Schedule Your Plurk Updates

Keep the updates on your Plurk timeline fresh by scheduling them in SocialOomph and we will make sure that they are posted to your Plurk profile at the date and time of your choosing.

  • Submit Social Updates via Email

Send emails from your existing email address to an email address that you own (on your own server, or on Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) and have those emails turned into standard social updates and published on your Twitter account(s), your Facebook account(s), your Facebook Page(s), and other social accounts.

  • Schedule & Publish Blog Posts

Integrate your social media updates with your blog posts in one central command centre, namely your SocialOomph account. Your blog posts are shown integrated with your social media updates so that you can see exactly when what is going to publish.

  • Delegate the Management of a Twitter Account to One or More Than One Person

Grant other SocialOomph users access to manage your Twitter accounts, without divulging the account passwords to those users, and without them having to add the account to their SocialOomph accounts. This means that you can get other people involved in your music marketing strategy.

  • Keep a full 14-day history of all tweets made or scheduled from within SocialOomph.

  • Boost Your Productivity While Having To Remember Only One Password

And the list goes on. Trust us when we say that this tool is amazing and excellent value for money in boosting your music marketing strategy. If you use social media for your career, business or in any other professional capacity, you will definitely be grateful for this service.

The other great thing about Social Oomph is that they are always updating the service but you never have to pay extra for the updates.
All future new additions and upgrades to SocialOomph Professional are included in the low payment! They make a pledge to never increase your existing fee due to upgrades and additional features that we add to the system.

Start Social Oomphing today to begin enhancing your music marketing strategy.


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