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Karla Pace So Right

Discovered this song completely by accident but so glad that I did. There’s a tendency to think that R’n’B nowadays isn’t as good as it used to be but Karla Pace is showing how wrong that is. The Detroit native delivers a confident and controlled on this song about letting passion take the lead even if it might be wrong….sometimes it just feels So Right.


Karla Pace is a Native of Detroit and embodies that Motown flair that you would expect! From the sound of her amazing voice to captivate a small or large audience, to her polished stage presence. She’s had the pleasure of opening up for many major artists such as Anita Baker, India.Aire, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Alexander O’Neil and Music Soulchild just to name a few. She also began singing background for Alicia Meyers, which afforded her the opportunity to travel to France.

Karla Pace So Right is available now at major digital retailers.


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